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Drs. Bert Biemans MA

De heer Drs. B. Biemans

Drs. Bert Biemans was born in Gorinchem in 1945. In 1966 he went to New York City, where he did an internship with a large American Engineering Office for two years. He also did a degree in Economics at New York University.

In 1968, Biemans started an Economics degree at the University of Amsterdam where he completed his postgraduate programme in 1974. After an international business career in the field of construction and aviation and after working at the Department of Economic Affairs in The Hague, he started a degree in Art History in 2003 at the University of Leiden, later switching to the University of Amsterdam.

In June 2007 Mister Biemans completed his Masterís in Art History, specialising in 17th century painting. He wrote his Masterís thesis about the amount of paintings that were made in the Dutch Republic in the 17th century. His supervisors were Dr. Marten Jan Bok and Prof. Dr. E.J. Sluijter.

After forty years, Mister Biemans returned to Gorinchem, where he became a municipal executive in August 2007. Together with Mrs. Annet Ardesch and Mr. Rob Kreszner he started the Stichting Gouden Eeuw Gorinchem (the Golden Age Gorinchem Foundation) in March 2008. On 22 April 2010, Mr. Biemans retired from the municipal council of Gorinchem.