Hendrick Verschuring:  Een ruiter bij een bedelares
Hendrick Verschuring:
The Morning Ride

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Hendrick Verschuring
Gorinchem, 2 November 1627
- Dordrecht, 26 April 1690

Hendrick Verschuring was born on 2 November 1627 in Gorinchem. Like Gerard van Kuijll, Hendrick Verschuring went to Italy where he stayed from 1646 to 1649. Verschuring was part of the second class of the so-called Italianisants, 17th century landscape painters from Northern Europe who made a journey to Italy and were impressed by the Italian landscape and light. Verschuring was not only a painter but also took an active part in the city council, first as an ordinary member, later as the mayor. Verschuring painted Italian landscapes as well as battles of horsemen and portraits.

On 26 April 1690, he drowned in the river Merwede, near Dordrecht, when he was on his way to Rotterdam. Verschuring is especially well known in the Baltic States.